Who Are You Grateful For? Have You Told Them?

Has there been someone in your life that has meant the world to you? So I ask you, Have you told them?

Has there been a friend that you love like a sister or brother? So I ask you, Have you told them?

Has there been someone in your life; be it an acquaintance or coach or teacher that has inspired you? So I ask you, Have you told them?

In all transparency, I haven’t always done this myself. My friends and family know I love them. I’m pretty forward and transparent with how I feel..can’t you tell from my blog? I mean, a native New Yorker doesn’t mince words! Everyone knows I shoot straight from the hip.  But sometimes, that’s not enough. Even for me. Sometimes you want to HEAR it! But, why don’t we tell these great people!? Do we take them for granted that they know? Are we too shy? Are we too proud? So I ask you, what is your reason and why? (deep thought provoking question, huh?!)

As of late, I have developed a different perspective. And I’m writing this today to ask you to not wait for a life event to catapult you into action. Life is too damned short. You don’t know when your appointment with the man above is going to happen! Don’t take people for granted in your life. Don’t take anyone or anything in your life for granted…So in this vein…

I want to share with you a very personal event, of which I have asked permission to do.  You see, between the end of September and Mid-November of this year, my life was filled with the unknown. The search for answers that seemed to be never-ending; and through it all I had a circle of women that continued with steadfast love…they were relentless…they kept me positive…they kept me sane…they became my over-arching support that I leaned on. And while I thanked them here and there; I felt the need to write to them.  I share with you what I read to them at my birthday day dinner this week…I did my best to not cry…but of course THAT didn’t happen!!! They cried too, so I wasn’t the only one!

As I sat looking at my girlfriends; I was so humbled to have received so much from them. Not all were there, but I read this to Jamie, Melissa, Dana, Kelly, and Jacqueline. But it is also for Caryn, Michelle, Erica, Jessica and Susan.

This is to you my friends…

You all represent a tapestry of my life, all together in one place.

Some of you I have known for many years, others just a few.

But you all share the same thing…you are crazy enough to be my friend… ha! But in all seriousness, what you share together is your your unwavering love and support for me. A few of you have been there for me during my darkest of days as I navigated my divorce. But all of you have been available to me, not just these last few months as I navigated to the place where I am today, but as true-blue friends. Loyal and steadfast. Prayerful and Helpful. Kind and Compassionate.

I am the luckiest girl in the world, in my humble opinion. To have all of you here with me, celebrating another year, celebrating the blessings that have come from my recent journey and I know will continue to celebrate and navigate life with me as the future unfolds.

I love each and everyone of you to the depths of my soul.  You are my people. I thank God everyday for each and everyone of you. You are my people.

So, here’s to all of you!

I don’t know what my life is going to be tomorrow. As I am learning more about myself with a chronic condition, I’m learning every day is different. I can’t count on feeling the same today as I did yesterday, nor can I count on how I will feel tomorrow. But guess what, neither can you. The difference between you and I is that I am potentially more in tune to this fact….so that’s why I’m writing to YOU. To share this with me and act on it.

Don’t wait! Life is short! Enjoy it’s gift! Celebrate those in your life that make your life so wonderful! I truly hope you do. And guess what? You will be so blessed in return. I know I have been.

Be Well and Be Blessed my friends!!!!

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