The Color of Love…Why race doesn’t matter to me in a relationship

So have your tastes changed since you have been single? I’m talking about really, really changed?!

Good golly mine sure have. Basically the universe is the limit, lol. What I mean by that is I am truly open to dating men from different ethnicities. The big taboo…inter-racial dating…OOOHHH, No She Didn’t! fact the first guy out of the gates was African-American. I didn’t even think twice.  He was HOT! Steaming, smoking, like OMG.  Not to mention the dance moves were spot on! Don’t mean to stereotype, but in his case he could bust-a-move!  I’m quite the dancer myself and finding a man that loves to dance isn’t easy! I already have my Disco Party Planned for my 50th Birthday this year…Costumes are required for entry!

This past week I got a match on Bumble. That’s a whole new world in and of itself…I was so excited…We both swiped right…BOOM! So we message. We were sharing about the hits we get…I said I tend to get the 26 year old looking for the Cougar or the 60 (looks like 80) year old guy. He responds how the black women hit him up… and said “Ewe”.  Here’s a snippet of our conversation:

‘Me: I have dated inter-racially since being divorced. I really don’t care. It’s the person not their skin color.

Him: Have you been intimate with a black man?

Me: I’m not answering that…Why, would that be a deal breaker for you?

Him: Yes, absolutely.

Me: Why does it matter what color their skin is? I wasn’t raised that way. The person’s character is what matters.

Him: Well I’m a pure-bread southern boy and I’d never do that.

Me: Then we part ways. Good luck.’ I felt like say something crude but I refrained!!!

WTF? I was dumbfounded. I guess I wasn’t prepared for that. Made me sick to my stomach. It should make us all nauseous. Yes ladies, this is the crap we go through with dating…can I get an AMEN?!

It’s not so much that I don’t like Caucasian men, I was married to one for 20 years and I only dated white guys my entire life leading up to my marriage.  But now I just don’t give a damn! Does it really matter? Seriously? To each his own. I actually want someone to treat me well, make me a priority, and maybe even love as much as I do…Man I have a huge heart…which can be a stupid huge heart sometimes.  I will continue along though! You gotta kiss a lot of frogs!



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