Rule of 3’s…What my 3 taught me about myself.

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-8-37-11-pmI was plagued by the Rule of 3’s this weekend.  Ever happen to you? Hopefully you will chuckle at some of what I share and also think, OMG! So keep reading!  I’ve been in a  great place; happy and at peace.  Damn, it felt AMAZING!  Ironically, with my peaceful mindset,  The Rule of 3’s reared it’s ugly head this weekend.  Three crappy happenings that messed with my good Ju-Ju. All is well and then, BAM! POP! BOOM! Out of nowhere that great feeling of elation gets popped just like that….all the air…gone! There’s a moral to the story as to why I am telling you these latest anecdotes of my life…Read along…So here we go…

Item #1: Casper the Friendly Ghost…Welp…I met Casper Friday night. Said person (who could very well be reading this blog!) and I had made plans on Wednesday. We exchanged messages on Thursday about nothing related, but were in contact. The plan was 8:30pm, my place, grab a drink. Nothing fancy. This would be date number two.  Sad part, said dude had cancelled twice before after we had gone out once. He said, “I’ve missed you.” “I really liked you, but I had a lot going on.” So I was giving him chance number 3…

Yup…No message, no text, NADA.  I say this with all seriousness…we are on the opposite side of the political aisle…I think he couldn’t handle that, lol! Was I annoyed, yes…I still had dinner plans with my Mom; but I was going to be done by 8:00 pm. It’s so disrespectful to not care to call. That is what truly bothers me the most. Especially because we had already gone out before and had a great date. Welp…He is officially off the list! And clearly I am off of his list too, lol!

Item #2: Batshit Crazy Dude…I “met” this guy on-line. As usual protocol, we began texting off of the app. Per my protocol I always if the person is on Facebook.  I have learned from “Fake Dr.” (read post, not having any type of social media account is now a warning sign to me.  We make plans to meet for lunch in a public place Saturday afternoon. I look him up on Facebook…hmmm…he doesn’t really look like his picture on the dating site…hmmm…So I ask him to send me a selfie…To non-online dating users, this is a very common practice to assure you are going to meet the person you saw in their on-line pictures. Unfortunately the Facebook profile picture is very different than the pictures of him on the dating site. Soooooo….he sends a picture…let me say this gingerly (I’m clearing my throat)…if his on-line pictures looked like his current selfie and his Facebook profile; I probably wouldn’t have replied back to his message. Let’s be honest folks, initial attraction on-line is about the pictures. Period. I’m being honest…don’t shoot the messenger!  At this point though, I am still going to meet him for lunch. Maybe in person he does look differently…happens a lot. Fast forward to my evening dinner with my Mom…She needs me to help her with her IPad. She has locked herself out. I try to fix it and reset it to factory settings and it doesn’t work. So I tell her I will take her to the Apple store Saturday afternoon. I didn’t know how long it would take so I decide it’s best that I not have lunch plans because I need to help my Mom.

That conversation went over like a lead balloon. I explained that my Mom needs my help; she can’t walk well and I need to drive her to the mall to help her get her computer fixed.  TRUE STORY people! Well, CD  thought I was lying. He messages me on the app, not my phone, and calls me a lying bitch and said he knew I was like all the other girls. He proceeds to tell me that he is going to go on another dating site where there is a higher calibre of people that aren’t so shallow. On top of that he tells me he is blocking me on the app and ends with with this. “PSS: You weren’t even the prettiest girl on this site!”  I’m thinking…yikes, but I was telling the truth!  His quick temper is something I cannot handle…THEN, he sends me a message on my phone…it goes like this…

Crazy Dude: OK…maybe this was my bad. Would you like to reconsider? I can be a bit sensitive. I understand if you are not interested.

Me: No, I’m sorry Crazy Dude. I think it’s best we don’t meet. I have blocked you as well. It’s ok. We will go our own way.

Crazy Dude: But I would really like to meet you. I hate to think I could have passed up on something really nice. How about a reset? It was my fault.

Me: It’s fine. I’m not interested anymore.

Crazy Dude: EFF you then. I pretty much thought you were a slut anyway. I can Fck chicks like you every day.

Me: You are crazy! (and then I block his number!)

So there you have it…Casper and Crazy Dude in one night….I needed a glass of wine at this point…which I did get, lol!

Item #3: Shell-Shocked!   Saturday night…my friends and I are getting ready to go to an outdoor concert. We are invited to a friend’s home to have appetizers before the concert.  As I walk into the house through the garage with my two girlfriends, across the room entering from the other door is my Whirlwind Romance Dude from early September (read post )…a room length away! Right behind him walks the girlfriend…All I could do was say hello…I probably turned as white as Casper…Can you imagine?! I was Shell-Shocked! UGH!  We stayed on opposite sides of the room…but talk about awkward.  My friends felt so bad for me…I did what I do…enjoyed my evening as best I could in a very awkward and unwanted situation. Such is life, right friends?!

So there you have it…Ghosted, Batshit and Shell-Shocked all in the matter of 24 hours! I have to admit it got to me. Wouldn’t these things get to you? I’m a very happy person, but these kind of rocked the happy, peaceful boat for a minute. My friends weren’t used to seeing me a bit “down”.  It’s life…I’m over it now and am back to my happy. But I’m being real and that’s why I share my experiences.

The moral of this post is this: we are all human. No matter how strong we are as women or men; we have feelings and want to be treated respectfully. To admit we aren’t at our best is actually a sign of strength. I know I am a strong woman, but I also know that if I’m not honest when I’m unhappy; how can I be believed when I say how happy I am? I want all the strong people out there to know it’s ok to show signs of weakness sometimes…So maybe that’s the purpose of this weekend of 3’s…Not sure…Here Froggy, Froggy.

Be Well and Be Blessed my friends.



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    I love you. Period

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