Overwhelmed by God’s Grace and Love

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-3-19-36-pmThis post is dedicated to my friend/neighbor; whose husband’s Celebration of Life I attended on Friday, October 7, 2016. I wanted to wait until today to actually post it, but it was written after I came home from attending.

This post will be one of a more serious tone, as I had to come home and write it. But it speaks to what I believe we women and hopefully you men, desire in your most coveted human relationship…that is unconditional love and respect.

I just left a Celebration of Life of a friend’s husband’s untimely death.  I can’t even comprehend my emotions right now, as I am so overwhelmed with love. As crazy as this sounds, my tears are those of happiness in eternal life and the love and legacy this Godly man has left behind.

A few themes are resonating in my heart right now. The first is this man’s faithfulness and humble service to our God. It was absolutely beautiful to hear. I didn’t know him, only his wife. To hear the enormous impact this man had on the lives of so many through his service made me cry tears of Joy. As he has left this earth, his legacy of God’s love was beaming through every tear and piece of laughter that were in the church hall as family and friends spoke of him and worshipped together. God’s love was so prevalent that I was literally overwhelmed…There is no other way for me to describe what I am/was feeling. Tears were uncontrollably rolling down my face. And having experienced a heart ache of sorts myself, (in now way in comparison or scope), perhaps these were delayed tears for me as well.  None the less, God’s love was there in every single person because of this man. Praise God!

The second theme, which relates to where I am in my life and perhaps you as well; was his dedication to his wife and family. But I want to focus on his love for his wife, my friend. He dedicated his life to loving and honoring her. Loving her unconditionally. Going through the trials of life which every marriage goes through; and loving her even more. As one speaker said; he taught him how to fall in love with his wife again on an even deeper level than he knew possible. And only because of his love of God did he know how to exemplify that; and this man was forever grateful for his role in his own marriage to this day. What a testimony! What a legacy to leave for your children to see what good looks like in a marriage.

I kept thinking…THAT. IS. WHAT I WANT. One day…because I will not allow myself to accept less than a man that loves and honors me so deeply that there is no other explanation than for the love he has for God. Perhaps God wanted me to see this, experience this, and realize this. I will never know. But I know the message is loud and clear to me, more than ever.

Lastly; the strength my friend has exhibited to her family, children and our community is only attributed to her faith. She wrote this in her facebook post to all of us. I was watching her react during the service.  She was celebrating along with us and praising God during her husband’s service. That too had me bawling.  I’m so proud of her and so thankful that God has been able to be an anchor for her and better yet show his love through all that this family has endured in losing their loved one.

So as I sit here and decompress, I am now more than ever on my mission to only find my prince. A God-fearing prince. One that loves me for all my craziness, my dance moves, my unruly hair, and my ultimate off-the chart ideas of always wanting to do this and that. And most importantly, a man that I worship with, pray with and love God with so we celebrate us together because of God’s love.

I dare you little froggies out there…bring it…I’ll kiss a million of you…I really don’t care because I will find my prince and when I do I will know…my heart will tell me.

To you all; Bless and be Blessed. Love your family and friends and appreciate our gift of life and time on this earth.


  1. Syri Gerstner | 11th Oct 16

    Thank you for this. That love resonated through your words and brought me nearly to tears. Happiness for you all & prayers. Yes there is a prince for you and dag nab it me too!

    • staceyrhill@gmail.com | 11th Oct 16

      Thank you Syri! This message has resonated with many people and I am so glad!

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