Oh Sigmund…



You can’t even make this shit up. It’s so crazy! It’s almost funny, but then in a weird Alfred Hitchcock way; kind of creepy!

So, without the boring back story…here’s a few excerpts of some real guys out there in the on-line dating world…Oh the joys! And I’m typing verbatim how the messages appear…that’s always fun to try to correct their grammar!

“Stacey you look just like the lady use to spank me when I was younger doing boy stuff. Well I’ve been naughty again & again. Please come spank me for being really really naughty. I mean just tighten my behind up.”

and then there this one my friend received…

“mmmm if you were my mother id be waiting for you to get home so i could rub your calfs and feet…late at night i would make you feel better…sneaking in while everyone was sleeping…i’d be the best son ever…”

“you seriously look exactly like my mom, and to be honest thats kinda turning me on although you probably don’t want to know why.”


The even funnier part…some of these guys are sooooo much younger…more than 10 years. I’d say once or twice a week a message like this comes into my in-box.

Poor boys didn’t have good mama’s according to Freud…oh well…I’m not stepping in!

And so it goes…still kissing a lot of frogs!


  1. Allison Fitch | 17th Sep 16

    Stacey-I am in awe of your perseverance and willingness to put yourself out there, both physically and emotionally, during this time of transition. This blog is helping a lot of women, I just feel it…keep the faith!

  2. Syrilynn | 14th Sep 16

    I cant even wrap this around my brain. Freaking hilarious!

    • staceyrhill@gmail.com | 14th Sep 16

      Like I said…you can’t make this up!!!

  3. Lyle Granger | 13th Sep 16

    That is disturbing! Rubit Rubit

  4. Brenda | 13th Sep 16

    Oh my ….hilarious!!!! Love the blog Stac!

  5. Toni | 12th Sep 16

    Lawd have mercy.. the dating scene. Is scary. Your.blog is amazing
    And i love you

    • staceyrhill@gmail.com | 12th Sep 16

      You can’t even begin to know!

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