A Message to My Graduate…My Baby

I dedicate this post to all of the 2017 Graduates and to the community for which she belongs to. Friends; we have raised some amazing children in this little town just North of Atlanta. For many that I know, this graduation is different, as it marks the last high school graduation for our families. Our babies have graduated high school. Wow. Just Wow.  Just the realization that my baby graduates from high school brings a flood of emotion. The old adage, “where has the time gone” has never been more real.

I think about the amazing community for which she had the opportunity to grow up in. A community for which she was blessed to be a part of for her entire 12 years of primary education. Many of her friends she has known since her early years in elementary school. Some she danced with, some she played soccer with, some she cheered with, some she played basketball with, some she had play dates with, some she went to pre-K with, some she rode the bus with…the list can go on and on. Brownies, girl scouts, birthday parties, science fairs, proms, football games…all part of her childhood experience. She is blessed beyond measure to have the community that she did. I thank our wonderful community. I thank her amazing teachers. I thank her coaches. I thank the parents that loved her, as I did their children. She has been truly blessed.

Throughout her young life and that of her peers; they have witnessed some darkness. Death. Heartache. Divorce. War. Suicide. Illness. Things that many of us were sheltered from as children. But today’s graduates are older than their years in many ways. The advent of social media has taken away so much of their innocence. They have been exposed to the outside world so much earlier than we were. Parenting became that much harder. And yet, here they are; ready to take on the world. Ready for their next step; as many are continuing their formal education. Yet these kids like teflon. They recover and move forward. They are truly blessed.

I want her to know, along with those she walks the stage with; as they take this next step in life; there a few constants that will always remain.

  1. You are an amazing child of God. Never forget that you are a creation that is like no other. Life will be challenging, and He will never forsake you. I ask you to always turn to Him in your trials and your celebrations in life. Feel His blessings daily.
  2. Your dreams are your dreams. Do not let life create limits to what you can achieve. Always believe in who you are  and your capabilities to achieve your dreams.
  3. Never forget where you came from. Your childhood has shaped you. Your childhood was beautiful; amidst some dark times. But your home was always your safe place. Never forget that your home will always be your safe place as long as I am alive.
  4. Your parents will never stop loving you. We are always going to be your greatest support.
  5. Believe in the good of mankind. There is still good in this world. Be a beacon of light and show the world that a kind heart can still prevail.
  6. Believe in the happy ending. Your life is proof that happy endings do exist. There were times in your life when it just wasn’t so good…but look where you are now. For every bad time, there are so many more good times. Believe that you deserve happiness.
  7. Believe in yourself. We can’t do this for you anymore.  You have to believe in who you are as a person and know you are one heck of an amazing young adult.

Today I and so many others, will watch our children walk across the stage and get their diploma. I will be that parent with tears welling up and trickling down my cheeks. The smile on my face will be quivering to hold back the flood of emotions that are coming over me. I will be clapping so hard my hands may turn red.  And in true Mom fashion, I will be “Woo-Hoo-ing” …and you will hear me! You may actually roll your eyes, lol! But I will be beaming with pride. We will all be beaming with pride, love and admiration of your accomplishments.

Time to take on the world baby girl. Show the world your stuff, because it’s some good stuff. You are my baby. You will always be my baby; but I will watch you as grow into your own; realizing this next chapter for the both of us is going to kick some major booty!

Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Be Well and Be Blessed Graduates!

We love you!




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