Who Knew Uber Was a Pick-up Joint?!

Sometimes you never know where you might meet someone! Being single is so funny sometimes!

This past weekend I ventured out of my fun neighborhood…which is really hard to do..I live in a cool little area with a super fun vibe. I live in the neighborhood that surrounds the trendy boutiques, walking trails, great bars and restaurants, and an awesome music scene. No lie! Not to mention there is an open container law…so that’s another perk to an evening out. So to say the least, it’s hard to leave because it’s convenient, no driving involved, and it’s just plain fun!

I decided to venture off of the reservation and meet a friend in Atlanta. I thought of driving, but didn’t know how late I would be out or how much red wine I might consume. I’m following a weight loss program based on the Mediterranian Diet (read about it: http://bit.ly/2nMu4k6) – so red wine is a big YES! So what’s a girl to do…UBER to the rescue! For $20 bucks down there…it’s definitely not worth taking the risk of driving. Not to mention trying to find parking, which is never fun!

Like all smart single women (just nod that you do what I’m about to say!), I text my girlfriends and tell them what I’m doing – especially because I’m taking UBER alone. We track one another on an app. So we give the alert to keep an eye on where we are going…Safety first! One girl friend drove out of state to meet a guy she had been talking to for a few weeks…we were on like donkey-kong to know where she was!

My UBER arrives. It’s a male driver. Honestly, I admit was wished it was a female. I rarely take UBER alone. As soon as I got in the car, I voice texted to the friend I was meeting that I had just gotten into the UBER. This way the driver knew I was telling someone I was in his care. I’m sure he was probably not going to be the one on the news that takes me somewhere I wasn’t wanting to go – but I was covering my bases.

We start talking…He’s single. Drives UBER on the weekends and delivers sheet rock for his day job. Has a few kids from a few different ladies…looking to date. Interesting. The conversation got quite interesting. He starts asking my insight about why women say they aren’t going to sleep with someone on the first date, and then end up sleeping with the person. So I gave him my insight into that! He asks me if I ever did that…WHOA NELLIE! You gettin’ a bit personal… Actually his name is Ant…I’m thinking his name is Antonio..or that’s a nick name because he isn’t that tall…which leads me to the next part of the convo…No lie…it went like this…

Him: So do you date black men

Me: Well, funny you ask!? Basically, more than white men these days. (He should read this blog post…http://bit.ly/2nyh3cW).

Him: Oh really?! So would you consider going on a date with me sometime?

Me: Well…I’m not looking right now (ok, so I told a little fib!)…But, here’s a question for you…it’s a deal breaker…How tall are you?

Him: 5′ 10″

Me: Awe…I am weird about being taller…My minimum height is 5’11″…I’m not kidding. When I was on a dating site I put that in my profile.

Him: Damn. Cuz you cool and fine.

Me: Thanks Ant! But I have a girlfriend who also shares my taste in dating black men…and she’s short…want me to tell her about you? Let me take your picture and I’ll send it to her!

Yup…I snapped Ant’s nice smile – it really was a nice smile! His diamond earring glistened! I knew my friend wouldn’t be interested…but hey – I wanted to be nice! Was that bad?!

So…Who knew that could happen?! Get in the an UBER, talk about someone’s sex life and then get asked out, and maybe find him a date!!  All in day’s work of being single-pringle!

I arrive safely to my destination. Ant and I parted ways, perhaps to never cross paths again. What ensued from there was a very long and fun evening of dancing, great red wine, fun friends, going to a speak easy and early morning (around 3 am!) diner food! I definitely put that evening into one of the best! Just plain fun!!! As life should be!

As always,  thanks for reading about my silly little life trying to find my Prince!

Be well and Be Blessed!



  1. Scott | 2nd Apr 17

    I occasionally drive uber. I’d be hesitant to hit on a fare. Not everyone is as cool as you.

  2. Jennifer Wolpert | 2nd Apr 17

    Love it!! Sounds like a night in the life of Jennifer 😉 Loooove the ATL speakeasy bars!! Glad u had fun!

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