It’s just common decency!

What a fantascreen-shot-2016-09-18-at-7-22-11-pmbulous weekend….For the most part…The weekend started out with a bang as I visited my daughter at college for Parent’s Weekend. I only went for one evening, as her sister was coming to spend time with her the following evening. I figured they could do some serious sisterly bonding without the eyes of Mom!

Saturday evening was a planned “Meet and Greet” as I like to term them. You know…the person you meet on-line…you message on-line…then end up texting…talking on the phone…and then finally the coveted “Meet and Greet!”

I “met” Bob (fake name!) on-line last week.  He owns a Real Estate Development Firm. I nick-named him Bob-The-Builder, lol! Then he became BTB for short. All week while referring to him, he was BTB. I’ve learned to create my own nomenclature to keep track of the guys I’m messaging on-line…it can get confusing on who is what and from where. So everyone one of them gets a nickname! Ha!

BTB is a successful professional, handsome “young” man in his early 40’s (go me!),  divorced 4 years, has two teenage children (perfect), and lives in Midtown Atlanta (cool!). He had a very cool vibe; looked stylish and collected. His profile pictures didn’t have a smile so I gave him a hard time about that…I have rules…show your teeth and smile! To me this says a lot about a person. Especially the crooked teeth or gold cap with a playboy bunny! Which is not joke…all this exists in the mouths of some! I decided to let it slide; I figured he couldn’t have a bad smile if he sold real estate for a living.  His profile summary was good, he was a smile-less handsome man, and very tall! Yay!

BTB and I texted for 5 days and had already agreed that Saturday would be our “Meet and Greet”. We spoke on the phone Thursday evening.  It was ok.  I would say I didn’t feel the magic of chemistry I have had with other men via phone…but he was pleasant. A very controlled  conversationalist, not very emotive in his communication. Unlike me, lol! And I already gathered this from our texts….I’m an emoticon junkie. Him, not so much, lol! He texted me first on Friday morning to say good morning. We both mentioned we were looking forward to finally meeting Saturday evening.

Saturday afternoon…no texts from BTB. Now I grappled with texting him first. Here’s the “I am woman, you chase me, Mentality”…No way I’m texting him. If he really wants to see me he will text. If he doesn’t, than it’s his loss. Well ladies, this is all good in theory; but I don’t operate that way. I am a “let’s close the loop” type of person. I really don’t care who texts first…and by golly I wanted to know my plans for sure. Plus I had a friend’s birthday party to attend if these plans didn’t work out because they were made after I had made my “Meet and Greet” plans.  ALWAYS HAVE PLAN B! I sent a text at 2:30 pm.

Hey there. I’m almost back in town. Let me know what time and where you would like to meet.

3:00 PM: Crickets……4:00 PM: Crickets….5:00 PM: Crickets…..6:00 PM: Crickets.

You get the picture?! WTF? Here is an educated, successful businessman that doesn’t have the common decency to text me that he either doesn’t want to meet me any longer or something came up…Whatever!…Send some type of communication! I don’t care who you are, treat people with a little common decency and respect.  We all go #2 and it doesn’t smell good! Sorry to break it to you folks! I was Pissed.  But guess what ladies?! His loss! “I am woman, I am awesome, and you sir are an Asshole!”  So guess what?! I went to my friends party! ALWAYS HAVE PLAN B…AND MAYBE C AND D!  How about that! I had a great time! I had a few too many Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini’s, but hey…it’s all in a day’s work.

The moral of this story…BTB needs to go to manners school, his #2 smells and another frog bites the dust!  Stay tuned…because there will be more where this came from!!!


  1. Toni | 18th Sep 16

    Obsessed. And hilarious. But soo true. There is so much that has changed with these frogs…. and some things never change. Maybe BTB… was a toad!

    Keep these up you have me waiting for next one my perfect muffin!

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