Why I’m Endorsing a Weight Loss System…as a Registered Dietitian

I used to be such a purist. I turned my nose up at any diet program other than “eat right and move your ass”!  I did always endorse Weight Watcher’s. In fact, I myself am a Life-Timer.  But at the end of the day, isn’t it about will power right? You control what you put in your darned mouth…No one is forcing you to eat…DUH!!! Akin to telling your kids don’t have sex, just don’t put the darned food in your mouth! Hello?! It’s not that hard…I know that’s a bit harsh, but I just never really bought into all that.  I’m just being real…and hey, that’s why you like reading my blog 🙂

So why am I changing my tune…Well I’m not completely changing my tune. I still believe the following:

-What you put in your mouth matters…Food has calories…Learning to eat the right foods is important because a diet (adjective) is a lifelong habit. Learning to eat a heart healthy diet is important for the prevention of chronic diseases.

-I do not believe in skipping meals as a means of weight loss.

-I do not endorse shakes as meals on a regular basis. Now if you are really busy on said day and that’s all you have time for…different story. But as a general practice as a method to lose weight, I do not endorse that.

-I do not believe in wrapping your body in plastic and sweating it off.  Yeah, yeah you lose a few pounds. But really…(sorry wrap ladies), that isn’t weight loss by way of the tried and true method…it’s temporary. My blog…I get to say it 🙂

-As we get older…damn it’s harder to lose weight. You probably know that our metabolic rate slows down as we age…so one of two things needs to happen…Get ready…you have heard this…You need to be more active and burn more calories than you are stuffing your face with…Yikes. I’m so harsh! But really, if we are burning our calories at a slower rate we have to decrease our intake or increase our exercise to burn more calories. Well…the bummer of aging is aching bones and joints…So this is often a double whammy, unfortunately.

So here I am, just turning 50. I have been trying to lose my post divorce, went out and had too much fun weight for over a year. I get to a certain point and then nothing…no more weight loss…can’t break the barrier. Am I one of those people that needs to stop shoving food in their mouths? Actually, not really. I exercise more than the average 50 year old. So what the eff? I was getting so frustrated!!!!

I finally bit the bullet. I decided to try a weight loss program that appeared to have amazing results. And guess what?! It’s working!!!!! For the first time in two years I broke “the number”!

I even went to the doctor’s office this week for my annual physical…for the first time in my adult life, the scale at the doctor’s office was less than my scale at home!!!! What?! Yay!  The weight loss challenge group that I started (because I am using this program as a way to get back to my nutritional counseling in some capacity) is doing amazing. In our first week over 30 lbs have been lost – on average 4.2 lbs/person.  I’m amazed.

-the program encourages that we follow a heart healthy diet

-the program does not endorse skipping meals

-the program encourages intake of good carbohydrates by way of fruits/vegetables and whole grains versus those of refined flour or processed grains

-the program encourages activity

-the program helps us to control our appetite

-the program helps control our cravings

-all ingredients in the supplements are completely natural.

My personal success so far has been 5 lbs the first week. The second week has been a loss of inches. I’m being real here.

I cannot tell a lie! Anyone who knows me, knows this to be true!

Take a look for yourself at the following link: http://bit.ly/2oqouqV. I really do want to guide you through your weight loss journey.  Let me know if you want to join in! I want to help you reach your personal weight loss goals! I’m on my way to achieving mine!

Be Well and Be Blessed!


  1. Jessica Price | 16th Apr 17

    i love this and i’ve turned my nose up a bunch too but some people need a boost and need some accountability. i run a clean eating, healthy living no frills 7-day adventure. no skipping meals, no wrapping yourself in plastic to sweat but a program designed to fight inflammation and help people lose weight naturally and healthily. i think it’s all about education and it’s amazing to see the results people experience but most importantly the confidence they feel seeing change. glad you found something that works for you and cheers to continued health!!

    • staceyrhill@gmail.com | 17th Apr 17

      Thanks for the comment Jessica! Sounds like your program is a great one as well! Learning to eat right will always be the basic tenant to losing and maintains weight.

  2. platformsandpacifiers | 4th Apr 17

    You go girl! Weight loss is a struggle for so many of us! I’m big on the put good in, and you’ll feel good.

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