How in God’s green earth am I here?

cropped-Frog-Kissing.jpgMy first post…Gosh…where do I even start?

How did this even come about?  Well let me tell you ladies…I’ve been single for about 1 1/2 years and man…the dating world is just cray-cray! Seriously. The rules have changed since I was a single girl – waaaay back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Seems like the discussion of the day amongst my gal pals; are about the men we’ve met and our stories. We share text messages, pictures of guys we are talking to on-line (more for fun!), we cry, we laugh…it’s non-stop. Seriously!

So one day I’m speaking with a friend about dating and I just say, “You gotta kiss a lot of frogs”. Then as if I’m struck by lightning I blurt out, “That would be an awesome blog!” And so the journey begins.

You may ask, why would I even do this? And at first it seems so dumb. However, since becoming a single woman out there, somehow my journey has inspired others. I am a pretty open book, and while I didn’t post details of my problems of my marriage or my divorce on Facebook; I am a frequent face-book poster. What I was sharing was my new life, with new friends, my new spiritual journey, my new adventures with people.  I literally had a personal resurrection.

What has happened over the last year have been numerous women confiding in me about their lives and marriages. Congratulating me on my new life and how I have bounced back. One woman messaged me to tell me I was her inspiration to finally leave her love-less marriage. Not that I want to be that per se; but friends were watching me bloom and took notice.  I felt honored to be that light for someone.

So I’m going for a further reach. Women need as many empowering woman in their line of sight and in their personal tribe. I’m going to be just that…if even through these blog posts.  I’m ready….This is going to be so fun!!!



  1. Cary Ellexson | 10th Sep 16

    This is great.. I just subscribed to your blog 🙂 thanks for doing this. You are an inspiration to a lot of people with your positive attitude.

    • | 11th Sep 16

      Thank you so much!!!!! Your support is greatly appreciated!

  2. Michelle semple | 8th Sep 16

    Nice! 🐸🐸🐸🐸

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