Are you Hopeful despite your circumstances? I hope so!

I attended a great church service a week ago. The message has been on my heart to write about. The message left me speechless. I have been thinking as to how I would put pen to paper regarding this message of HOPE. I am still not sure that this will come out just the way I want it to, but God is nudging me right now to try.  This post is not just for me, but it’s for all of us. We can all use a message of HOPE and I hope this post does my heart and yours justice in it’s message.

-Are you a mom whose daughter is struggling with an eating disorder?

-Are you a wife whose husband is stricken with a devastating illness?

-Are you a woman who lost her husband due to a tragic and untimely death?

-Are you a a man/woman who has been devastated by your spouses infidelity?

-Are you an adult child who sees the failing health of their parent?

-Are you a friend who has lost your best friend?

-Are you hoping to find your true love again?

I know someone that is currently struggling with each of the circumstances I mentioned. All are devastating. All are dark and tragic. And yet, these individuals continue to live their lives as fully as they can. Embracing each moment that they can with the life that they are living, before or after their tragic circumstance.

What is life without Hope? Have you asked yourself that question? How can we continue through our lives and the tough realities we are dealt without it? I have to admit, I truly don’t know.

I only know one way that hope is instilled in my life, and that is because I believe in God. I know of no other way. I know of no other way to get through my darkest times without relying on my faith in God. I truly cannot fathom how those that do not believe in a God can get through their depths of despair. I just can’t understand it.

Some of what I’m about to write is paraphrased from the message, but I want you to read it…If you are struggling with something, I am asking your to embrace this message of hope.

You see, God has real hope for a hopeless world. Does that make you feel encouraged? It does me.

In the world of pessimism, we believers should be filled with hope because our God is THE greatest encourager! If you are a believer, you know what I’m referring to. God has your back. God has mine. God is there with us every step of our teeny, tiny steps we take. God never forsakes us.

I love when people tell me that I’m too optimistic…I say, no; I’m hopeful. It’s not foolish to be hopeful. What is foolish is putting your hope in anything less than God.  I don’t think we can survive without God. You may disagree, but hey…it’s my blog, LOL. God doesn’t promise us a smooth ride, but rather He promises us the destination, that He provides…both here on this earth and when we go to meet him again in Heaven above.

I have HOPE that my friend’s daughter recovers from her eating disorder.

I have HOPE that my friend’s husband will continue to fight for his life and have more time with his family.

I have HOPE that the my friend whose husband had an untimely death finds love again in her heart.

I have HOPE that my friend that is devastated by her husband’s infidelity will rise from the ashes and know that she will overcome and be happy again.

I have HOPE that my mom’s disability will not continue to slow down and that she can find relief from her pain.

I have HOPE for my friend, that lost her best friend to a devastating illness, have peace that her friend is no longer in pain.

I have HOPE for myself that I will find true love again.

God Loves You. God Loves Me. There is real hope my friends. Hope in Him.

Psalm 18:2

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,
my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Please know you are loved my friends. Feel God’s love directly from Him, through your place of worship, through your community, your inner-circle and your loved ones. His love is everywhere.

He Loves you. He Loves Me. There is the real Hope.

Be well and Be Blessed my friends.


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