God is Love. Love is God.


As I sat in church today, I couldn’t help but weep. The music was penetrating my soul. The worship band was only singing to me. There were close to 1000 people in the sanctuary, but I was alone with God.

The songs of worship were meant for me. The message today was mine. Little O’le me. I ask you, how many times have you sat in church or your place of worship and knew God was telling you something so important; that He was sitting right by your side? He takes your hand and looks into your soul and speaks to you? I was alone with God today and it’s my job to tell you. Better yet, how many times as He woken you from the depth of your slumber to tell you something. Give you an answer to what you have been praying for?

God is putting on my heart to reach out to YOU.  He wants me to Tell You,  He Loves You! Yes, You. An imperfect person who is perfectly loved by His Grace and His un-ending love.

This morning before church, I was messaging with some other Mom’s. We were conversing on how our girls were doing during sorority recruitment. While some of us had happy girls, some of had very sad girls. They were rejected, so to speak, by someone they wanted to be with. As we shared with one another, the most challenging thing was that we couldn’t be there for our girls. Either to celebrate or console, at least physically. We had to know in our hearts that we had prepared them for the highs and lows of life without out us…very suddenly. I think sorority recruitment is something that really makes our girls grow up overnight. They are faced with decision making, the fear of rejection, elation, then potential rejection again. How can a Mom take care of their child from a far when they are going through this…I specifically wrote back to one Mom,

God has a plan for your daughter. Know that His love is unwavering and never ending. While I can’t take away your pain, I hope that you know God loves you both. He will take care of her.

As I went to church, I was burdened by our morning conversations. I was saddened that girls felt rejection, although that is part of life. I felt for other Mom’s, that feeling of helplessness while their children were hurting.

And BAM…Literally the second I entered the sanctuary God breathed into my soul.

-He let me cry for those daughter’s whom I did not know.

-He let me pray for the strength for other Mom’s that were hurting (not to mention all that is going on in our sick world right now).

-He let me cry for my own child, praying for her and her happiness.

-He let me cry because I was about to be alone without my girls, as both will be in college.

-He let me rejoice that my life is blessed.

-He reminded me that my girls would always have Him by their side.

-He told me He loves ME.

-He told me He is Love.

Friends, this message is so important. No matter where we are in our journey of happiness or sorrow, please, pretty please; know that God will take care of you. While He cannot control the evil in this world, He can give you the inner strength to fight. He can give you the true meaning of what love is. He will take care of our children. He will take care of our family. He will take care of us.

But we have to let God into our hearts. We have to. He will sit next to you everyday and love you like you have never been loved.

I know this is a bit serious for what has originally been a funny blog about dating….and I’ll get back to that soon…Collecting some stories folks! But this is on my heart. The Holy Spirit spoke to me today.

I hope He is speaking to you right now. God loves you.

Be Well and Be Blessed my Friends.

I love you, too!


  1. Tia Greene | 13th Aug 17

    Yes, God is Love & He Loves Us <3 Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

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