Four Reasons Why Becoming a Nun is Looking Good!

Who remembers the Flying Nun? Are you old enough to remember this sitcom? I remember that Sally Field made the life of a Nun actually look “cool”. Please don’t think I am saying Nun’s aren’t cool…The Reverend Mother in the Sound of Music was the coolest! But knowing that Nuns give up their lives to only God…and basically swear off all men for the rest of their lives…well here are some reasons that have happened this week to myself and my girlfriend which has caused us to have this “serious” conversation!


1. The No-Show: Let’s meet for lunch…Great…Looking forward to it…Waiting, waiting, waiting…No text…She texts him…no reply…Zip, Zero, Nada…Good Lord…Really? So the following day she texts him again…So what was the deal…His response:

I was wrong. I only wanted Sex. Sorry. I thought about it every time I thought of you, honestly. I can’t mislead you. You are beautiful, sexy and smart. I just can’t offer what you want.

Then why couldn’t he just cancel?! JERK!

2. The Liar:  They were talking for a few days via text. They had so much in common. He was young 40’s, just a few years her junior. They made plans to meet for lunch. This was to be the day after No-Show. She said, I swear if this guy is a no-show I’m going to join a convent. I said, If he’s a no show, I may perform a Lorena Bobbitt! (Who is old enough to remember that crazy story!?) I got her back! Welp…she gets a text from him the morning of their meeting…

Hey. I just signed into the app and saw a message that says, “You don’t look 41, send me more pics.” Guess what?! I’m not 41! I’m 30 and will be 31 in March. I wanted to make sure you were aware and does that age gap bother you?

OMG! He is A LOT younger than her. She may have actually met him for a “friends” only date had she known up front. But the fact he lied…well…that right there showed his immaturity. Funny thing is he is asking her for a do-over. Not gonna happen bud! If there’s one thing we women loathe is a Liar and a Cheater! You fell into the first category this g0-round.  DUMB ASS!

3. The Pic:  They met on Bumble. Had great conversation. She was looking forward to getting to know him. All of a sudden…BAM…The dreaded Dick Pic.  Really? He told her he didn’t mean to send it….BAHAHAHAHA!!! Men, I do not know one female friend that is turned on in the slightest with a picture of a schlong, particularly from a man that they barely know. Even if it is long and large…technique prevails. Always! Welp, that ended that conversation. LOSER!

4. The Blocker: This one is all mine! We spoke on the phone a few times. We had plans to meet last Saturday night. We spoke on the phone around 4 pm that afternoon. He was a handyman. Had a website and all. Well, coincidentally my downstairs toilet wasn’t working. So I asked him how much he charged for a service call…after we met of course. I sent him a pic of the toilet and he told me what he thought the problem was. We were going to meet around 8pm in a central location. Well, he never called me. I tried to send a few text messages; actually worried something could have happened. My messages weren’t going through and my phone call went right to voice mail. I really didn’t think I was blocked…Why? So the next day I had my friend contact him to ask about a few items she needed to be fixed around the house. He answers right a way! So I was blocked!!! WTF?! If I wasn’t so nice, I’d tell you his website so you don’t use his services! LOL! WIERDO!

What is it about some of these men? Why can’t they contact us and tell us the truth? Any of you males have input? Guess what?! We women are so much stronger than you can ever imagine! We gave birth for crying out loud! Many of us have been through divorce and heartache. We can handle the truth. Don’t be like Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men and think, “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” Oh hell yes we can! We can deal with truth so much better than we can deal with Liars and Cheaters! Trust me, dealing with the truth is a helluva a lot better than being lied to any day. Not to say it may not be a bit of a disappointment that you don’t want to see us again, but the truth is THE ONLY WAY!!! Period!!!

All of  this happened in a span of a week between my friend and I…Again, we have faith and hope that God will put in our path the right man at the right time. All of this is part of the journey. And that my friends, is why we keep kissing a lot of frogs.

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Be Well and Be Blessed!



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