The Top 5 Qualities of the Perfect Man…And I Found Him!

Hello readers! How are your New Years’ resolutions going? Still working out and eating clean? Seems like those are the top resolutions every year for so many people. I said New Year’s Eve I was going to continue my search for love! I am so happy to report that I think I found it! I just knew it was going to happen! I couldn’t wait to share this with all of you, as you have been such faithful supporters of my dating escapades since I began writing in Mid-September of 2016!

Here’s a little bit about him…without divulging too much as to not embarrass him! He has been a part of my life before. Knowing him prior to now has probably been a good thing…Not to say that’s always the case. But familiarity always helps, right?

His eyes…OMG…the way he looks at me is so amazing. I can literally feel the love.

He has NEVER, EVER yelled at me! When I have something to discuss, he listens so intently and looks at me with the utmost understanding. I really feel heard! He does’t project an annoyance that I’m bothering him with too many details or that am really the voice behind Charlie Brown’s teacher…”Wah, Wah, Wah, Wah-Wah.”

If I ask him to do something, he obliges. Never does he snicker under his breath as though I am a nag. I think many men (and if I’m wrong I apologize men) think when we women bring something up we are nagging…NO…we tend to me more open in our communication styles…Put it all on the table, generally speaking. But this guy, he let’s it roll right off of him if he is annoyed…He really is a great partner in this regard.

He loves to spend time with me!!!! I have learned that one of my top two Love Languages is Quality Time.  Have you figured out what yours are? I find this really important to know how your partner receives and interprets your love.  Well, this guy has me figured out. Even if I’m just chilling out and watching re-runs of Law and Order all day on a lazy Sunday…he loves to be with me. Isn’t it a great feeling when you companion wants to just “Be” with you? It makes me feel so appreciated and loved. Truly!

I love his loyalty. It’s so important to me. We had a bit of a separation in the the past and as soon as we reunited it was as though we never were apart. His genuine affection for me was as strong as the last time I saw him.

I LOVE his hair!!!!  I am akin to bald men for some reason, but this one has a full head of hair. I am very affectionate and I love to run my fingers through his hair. He can’t get enough of my affection, which I love to give! And I love to cuddle! I mean it’s so relaxing and wonderful.  This guy is THE BEST at it!

He is happy! I know my long-term companion has to see the glass half full. Something that is a deal-breaker for me in many ways. He just loves life, loves to be playful.

I’m pretty pumped that I have realized that with him in my life I am quite content.  At least for now, I feel really great about our relationship and that it definitely has long-term potential!

I truly love him…So without further ado; I introduce you to my man, Dwight D. Eisenhower…A.K.A. Ike. My beautiful, loving, affectionate and loyal three year old Golden Retriever!

I have no worry I’ll find a human one day that’s as awesome as my Ike! Until then, I’m just fine hanging out with this guy!

Be Well and Be Blessed!



  1. Brenda | 8th Jan 17

    Brilliant my friend, fantastic!

  2. Jennifer Wolpert | 8th Jan 17

    Amen!!!! And at this point I’m happy to continue to be a mommy in love with my dog Holli!!!!!

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