Dear Mr. Scam Artist…you have messed with the wrong woman!

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-9-29-21-pmHello Readers! Before I get to the gist of this post…can I just say I can’t party like it’s 1999 anymore?! Can anyone else relate that is in their 40’s or 50’s? I had THE most amazing weekend because I threw myself a huge 50th Birthday Bash. It was so much fun! So many friends dressed up for the 70/80’s theme. I loved every minute. But boy was I tired the day after, lol. I stayed up a tad too late…but it was worth every second!

So speaking of my birthday party, I initially was hoping to have a date. Someone that would dress up in a Saturday Night Fever leisure suite and platforms. Dance the night away with me and be just as goofy as me…I was soooo close…

We met on-line. This guy was HOT! He was 52. Lived 30 minutes away. Divorced for 7 years. Nineteen year old daughter in college. This was good…close enough, not a recent divorcee, older children. Had a Facebook page. Check. Check. Check. Check…We emailed within the dating app for about a day and then graduated to texting.

We texted for about two days. Then we spoke on the phone. He was born in NY, but had moved to France when he was 4 years old; therefore had a French accent…Guess what; I am not attracted to French accents! LOL! (Honestly, an accent can make or break the attraction for me!) For some reason I was letting it slide, well because… he was HOT! (No judging please!) We spoke on the phone and texted for almost two weeks. He was out of town as a sub-contractor working on a project and was going to be home the day before my big party. We had plans to meet when he returned. I received the sweetest message on fb one morning:

Hello Stacey. I know we have not met yet, but I am so giddy with happiness talking to you. I love how you make me feel when you laugh. I feel like a high school boy and get nervous talking to you. You have opened my heart up again in a way I wasn’t expecting. The distance between us does not matter because I know our connection is so strong. Distance has no boundaries for love. I hope you have a wonderful day.

I read this and thought…didn’t I write a blog post about the Love Bombing Narcissist? … nah; this is different because I have only received one of these type of messages.  Welp; spoke to soon…a few days later I received another one…him almost professing his love for me. Honestly I was thinking, “Self, this is weird and he just doesn’t understand you can’t do that!”  Yup, Red Flag on the play! I started feeling like I was living my other blog post…meeting a Love Bombing Narcissist. Oh but it gets even better!  After the second “love letter”, that same day I receive another Facebook message.

I am having a crisis…my daughter has fallen sick at her college. She is having an appendectomy today. I need to go to her. My boss will not help me charter a flight with the company plane. So I am speaking to the pilot myself. He said it will cost $15,000 to take me to her. But I need a $2000 deposit. Sweet Stacey, is there anyway that you can lend me $2000 and when I come home this weekend I will pay you back?

DANGER! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Yup…I knew at the very second he was a scammer. Thing is his Facebook page had a lot of pictures and posts. Looked completely normal. I decided to keep playing along though, hee hee! We were messaging on Facebook at this time. I messaged back my concerns. Being so empathetic to his plight.  I said I wish I could help, but I didn’t have any free cash because of my upcoming expenses for my party. I asked him to please let me know if he was able to secure the deposit. An hour later he tells me his c0-workers gave him $1000 collectively. Could I give him $1000. Again, I said I really wished I could help, but I just couldn’t. Another hour passes by and I get a message from him that he is able to go and he is waiting on the plane. I immediately reply to say that I was happy he could get to his daughter and to message me when he landed.

The user has blocked you.

WTF?! Let me try this again! “The user has blocked you.” I ask my girlfriend to look him up on Facebook. He comes up, but he has already changed his location where he lived and his company name! OMG! He was a true scammer artist! Holy Crap! I send him a text message, “WTF? You blocked me on Facebook? I know your game. You found he wrong girl.” This part is creepy…he replies with the emoji of the smile face that resembles Jack Nicholas’ smile in The Shining! EW! OMG!

So yeah…he tried to scam me! I’m amazed at the patience of how he waited almost two weeks. His story was so good. Discussions about his daughter (supposed daughter), the tragic car accident that killed his ex-wife, his work…such a good story! And the accent…I wonder if that was fake, too?! I wouldn’t be surprised!!!!

Before writing this post, I went back to see the messages on the dating app…guess what…They have disappeared and the site says that his posts have been removed because they are inappropriate/spam. I haven’t had the chance to report it…but someone else did…Karma is a bitch!

Ladies…any man that asks for money…good Lord, do we look that stupid? Sadly, some of you are…If these scams didn’t work they would do them!

So…I went to my party dressed like a movie star and had the time of my life! No date…just me…happy with who I am; at peace with my life, ready to embrace 50, and so glad I wasn’t a sucka to the Frenchman!

My search continues…but that’s ok. I’m patient for my Prince!

Be Well and Be Blessed!





  1. Allison | 9th Dec 16

    First off-looking fab at 50 Honey! Raising the bar…next, my jaw dropped at your scammer story. I know they exist but to hear an actual first-hand account…yet another bullet dodged, but it’s frustrating that you’ve had to avoid so many lately…your positive perspective will pull you through! Happy Holidays 🎄🍾

  2. Jennifer Wolpert | 5th Dec 16

    Omg soooo sorry u had to go through this Stacey BUT soooo glad u ain’t no “sucka”!!!! Here’s to an amazing year ahead as a fabulous fifty!!!

    • | 5th Dec 16

      Thank you! No “sucka” here!

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