The 4 Most Common Diet Mistakes

It seems like everyone I know has been on a diet at some point in their adult life. Since my dating life hasn’t had any funny situations arise to let you know about, I figured I’d write about a topic that so many of us are interested. I guess that’s good I haven’t met a scammer lately, lol! These are my opinions. The information is from my very own pea-brain from learning nutrition over the years. You may or may not agree with me…but…well you know…It’s my blog 🙂 So here goes…The Top 4 Diet Mistakes Commonly Made, as seen by Yours Truly:

One: Eating Too Few Calories
I know, I know. This seems like the opposite of what you would think. Should we eat less than the energy we burn each day? Well, Yes. And shouldn’t we make sure that we don’t eat too many calories? Well, Yes. It takes 3500 additional calories to gain a pound. So to lose weight, we need to eat or burn an additional 35oo calories. While this is also true, the most common diet mistake I see people make is eating too little! I know, crazy right?! Our bodies are so stinking smart though. Everyone has a “set point” that their body burns and uses calories. It’s different for all of us. So if we eat too few calories than what the set point of our body is, guess what?!

Eating too few calories will slow down your metabolism!

What is metabolism? It’s the rate our body burns calories. You actually do a detriment by eating too few calories! While I don’t think calorie counting in necessary for a successful weight loss journey, if you find that you are not losing weight, you are exercising and “eating clean” (today’s newest buzz word for healthy eating), you may want to count calories for a few days to see exactly how many calories you are consuming. I never, ever, ever recommend eating less than 12oo calories. If you exercise regularly, I don’t recommend less than 15oo calories usually.

Two: Eating No Carbs
No she didn’t. … Oh yes I did! Low carb diets, in my humble opinion, are the disaster to our lifestyle of healthy eating. Carbohydrates are good people! It just depends on the carbohydrate. We have become so bread-phobic in our society today. It’s not the enemy! And fruits, while they have simple sugar, it’s natural. Depending on the type of fruit – some cause higher spikes in blood sugar and that’s another conversation. But in the big picture, fruit is good for you! There are tons of vitamins and fiber (soluble and insoluble) that we need.

Whole Grains Are Good!!! A bread that does not have as it’s first ingredient “100% Whole Wheat Flour” vs. “Enriched flour” is not a good choice. But when it does – GREAT CHOICE!

Whole grains are good for you. They break down slowly and don’t cause spikes in our blood sugar. They have dietary fiber which is good for us. The problem is that our body requires glucose for energy. That is it’s primary source for energy. Carbohydrates, simple or complex (which is just a bunch of smaller sugar molecules strung together), is where our body gets glucose aka sugar. If your body doesn’t get glucose from the diet, it will find it elsewhere…Guess where?!

If you don’t provide your body with dietary glucose via healthy carbohydrates…it will find it…it will break down your muscles to make sugar through an alternate pathway to make glucose for energy!

Why is this not good…because we burn energy in our muscles. A higher muscle mass is typically correlated to a more efficient metabolism. So…if you break down your muscle mass for energy, you in essence are slowing down your metabolism. In turn, you are going go disrupt your weight loss goals in the long run.  You will lose weight on a low carb diet…much of that weight loss will be water and muscle. So while initially you lose, over time you WILL gain the weight back. Why? You have altered your metabolism AND you went back to eating carbohydrates because YOU LIKE CARBOHYDRATES!!! You are not going to be low carb for the rest of your life. Sad but true! So you need to learn to incorporate all of the nutrients in our food supply for long term weight loss maintenance.

Three: Not Incorporating Resistance Training into your Exercise Program
I was a runner for years. From my college years until about the age of 40.  My weight wouldn’t budge, in fact I was gaining a bit. It wasn’t until I started to incorporate light weights into my workout that my body started responding. Why? Go back to what you just read about muscle mass. By adding resistance training and creating more muscle fibers, you are in essence creating more muscle to burn calories. Many people lose inches prior to losing weight or simultaneously. That’s your body composition changing from fat in exchange for muscle. Muscle is nice and tight, right? Fat is loose a jiggly…so what do you want more of? You don’t have to lift heavy weights either. If you never have lifted a hand weight, 5 lbs may be heavy…whatever works for you! Women…you won’t bulk up with using a moderate amount of weight…that’s a fallacy. But you will tone up and you will like the results!

Four: Not Learning How to Eat
Learn how to eat a healthy, nutritious diet. Why? Because that’s what you are going to do for the years to come. You aren’t going to buy pre-packaged meals forever. You aren’t going to drink a shake for breakfast or a shake for lunch the rest of your life. You are going to eat real food. You are going to go to social gatherings that don’t have your shake.

If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it, you have got to learn how to eat.

Everyday won’t be perfect, so to speak. But you can learn how much you can “get away with” when you attend social gatherings because your body will adjust temporarily. It’s super smart people! If you over eat for a day or two…guess what…just like your body slows down it’s metabolism to compensate for under-eating; it will also increase it’s metabolic rate to compensate for over eating to keep you at your set-point. If you do that too often, then you will gain weight. But here and there, you’ll be fine. But learn what it takes for your body!

Check out my previous blog post, if you are interested in trying something that will help you for the long haul!

Being on a diet is a no-no. Let’s change the verbiage to “I’m learning how to eat for the rest of my life”. It’s a lifestyle of forever eating.

When I go on dates, I eat. When I go to parties, I eat. Take the time and learn how to eat successfully for weight loss! You will be happy you did because you will have learned how to keep the weight off!

Be Well and Be Blessed!


  1. Miranda Nahmias | 19th May 17

    You make some very valid points here! I’ve seen people try the no-carb diet, and they have every minute of it.

    • | 4th Jun 17

      Thank you Miranda! The quick fix is never good for the long term success!

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